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Meet your Canadian representatives to the Polaris Board! 

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R. Pasricha CaRMS Photo.jpg
Rohini Pasricha, MD

former Chair and current secretary of WONCA Polaris, is a final-year Family Medicine Resident in Toronto, Canada. She plans to pursue a Fellowship in hospitalist medicine and has interests in Palliative Care, Preventative Medicine, and academics. Beyond her clinical
work, Rohini is actively involved in leadership roles within her local and
national medical committees. Outside of medicine, she enjoys sports and
travel and has set a personal goal to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Bianchi 2.png
Maria Bianchi, MD

is a committed is a committed Family Medicine Resident Physician
at The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. Hailing from Caracas,
Venezuela, her passion lies in effecting positive change within underserved
communities and fostering inclusivity on a global scale. Maria holds the
esteemed position of AAFP Resident Member to the Center for Global
Health Initiatives while also serving as the Resident Representative for the
Global Health Member Interest Group. She serves as the Polaris
representative for the WONCA Young Doctors’ Movement ASPIRE

Meet your USA representatives to the Polaris Board!

This position is held in combination with our positions on the AAFP Center for Global Health Initiatives Board. Mouse over our pictures to learn more about us.


Brunee Dorsett, MD

a committed Family Physician in Nassau, The
Bahamas, earned degrees from Acadia University and The University of the West Indies. She champions preventive health and wellness advocacy in her community. Actively involved in physician well-being and leadership, Brunèe serves as Chair of WONCA Polaris and Young Doctor’ Movement
representative for WONCA Working Parties on Education and Women in
Family Medicine. In her leisure, she enjoys playing the piano, snorkeling,
and creative brainstorming.


Meet your Caribbean representative to the Polaris Board!

Mouse over our pictures to learn more about us. 

caribbean college of family physicians.j
Sanita Belgrave-King, MD

is a highly respected Family Medicine and Geriatric Specialist based in New Providence, The Bahamas. Beginning her medical journey at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, she quickly
distinguished herself, earning the title of Outstanding Intern of the Year in
2013. With six degrees, four Distinctions, and one Honors, including a Doctorate in Family Medicine, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice. Dr. Belgrave-King has remained dedicated to serving others, aiming to establish a legacy where care transcends
generations. She serves as the WONCA Polaris Vice Chair.

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